Robert Wayne DeCorah


Born into the family of God in 1971

Born into the family DeCorah in 1953


Born of God the Father, through Jesus Christ His only Son

Born of  earthly parents on the Oneida Reservation in Wisconsin


Growing up was a struggle as our family was part of the 1956 Indian Relocation Act and were moved to the City of Chicago.  Alcohol was and is a big part of the American Indian’s way of life and at the age of 15 I was being caught in it’s web.


Thank God for a mother who sent me and my siblings to a neighborhood Sunday School. In 1971 a revival swept across this nation among some colleges.  Collegians left their schools and swept the nation with their message of salvation through Christ.  As I listened, God began to move in my life .  These men obeyed the Holy Spirit’s leading and reached out to street kids!  This is when my life changed. 

 Acceptance of this salvation meant a new pathway, one directed by my heavenly Father who said: “This is the way, walk ye in it.” (Isaiah 30:21)

This path led to Trinity Bible College, Moody Bible Institute, Carson Newman College graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity Degree, marriage and the raising of 3 children.


After 40 years of pastoral ministry it’s time to move on -- the path is leading back to my roots -- Ministry to Native Americans.

For speaking engagements please contact us at to arrange for Rev. Robert De Corah to speak. Please help provide New Testaments for Native American Indian Churches.  These NTs have beautiful native art work and excellent study notes at the end to help a person grow in their Christian faith.  My goal is to be a conduit between local churches and Indian churches by providing resources for ministry.  You can donate by using the button below or by calling at 602-482-0828 to buy 50 New Testaments and have shipped here or to a native church.


Rev. Robert De Corah


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